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Kermit Chair Store

Welcome to the Kermit Chair Store. You can shop securely online and we will gladly ship your purchase anywhere within the United States as well as many countries abroad.


Forest green wooden motorcycle camping chair from Kermit Chair

Standard Oak

Price: $189

Wide Oak

Wide Oak

Price: $199

Black folding camping chairs from Kermit Chair

Standard Walnut

Price: $219


Kermit Chair leg extensions

Leg Extensions Set

Price: $40

Kermit Chair black leg extensions and accessories

Black Leg Extensions Set

Price: $40

Kermit Chair cup holder, camping chair cup holder

Cup Holder

Price: $20

Camping Essentials

Get the perfect packable camping table from Kermit Chair!

The Kermit Table

Price: $90

Wide wooden camping table from Kermit Chair

The Kermit Wide Table

Price: $125

Kermit Chair Bag

Kermit Chair Bag by Storm Ind.

Price: $40

Large ROK Straps for motorcycle camping

ROK Straps - Large

Price: $24

Small ROK straps for motorcycles

ROK Straps - Small

Price: $15

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