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Camping Essentials

Our featured line of products is both used and endorsed by the Kermit Chair team. Each of our accessories is crafted to pair effortlessly with the Kermit Chair.

Planning for a day on the beach? Pick up one of our unique Cup Holders and keep your drink out of the sand. Want to add a touch of class to your camping trip? Take along a Govino decanter and wine glass set for a distinguished way to end the evening. No matter what the occasion, we have an essential accessory to match!

Get the perfect packable camping table from Kermit Chair!

The Kermit Table

Price: $90

Wide wooden camping table from Kermit Chair

拉斯维加斯官网The Kermit Wide Table

Price: $125

Kermit Chair Bag

Kermit Chair Bag by Storm Ind.

Price: $40

Large ROK Straps for motorcycle camping

ROK Straps - Large

Price: $24

Small ROK straps for motorcycles

ROK Straps - Small

Price: $15

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